«Rizopox™ - 1301 W»

ТУ 2257-027-43548961-2003

Low ductile, clear, without any filler, two compound mixture based on water dispersion epoxy coating.

Rizopox™ - 1301W is used for precoating and impregnation of epoxy before coating such as concrete floors with reinforcer, cement and concrete coatings, paving tiles, paving blocks, artificial stones, marble and granite slabs. It also forms diaphragm in concrete floors with reinforcer.
Especial usage – for precoating and impregnation of wood and asphalt

- no insulation
- it lets steam through
- good adhesion
- odorless as water is a thinner
- it is possible to use it indoors and outdoors
- strengthen the epoxy
- blocks water loss from concrete
- freezing during transportation is allowed



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